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Stem Cell Treatment for
Arthritis & Arthrosis

Avoid prosthetics

and feel freedom of movement again!

Walk, run, dance, do sport without pain and

Enjoy life as you did before!

Easier management of arthritis or total recovery.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Arthritis and Arthrosis

More than 5 million people worldwide with arthritis have already received stem cell therapy and regained joint mobility.

The treatment is aimed to help avoid prosthetics and restore your body’s own cartilage or bone; you can also expect disappearance of pain, reduction of stiffness and improvement of mobility in all joints.

Treatment in Ukraine

No surgery, rehabilitation, or side effects.

What is the difference between arthritis and arthrosis?

Both arthritis and arthrosis affect the joints, but these are different diseases.

While arthritis affects only the joints, arthrosis implies an inflammatory process throughout the body. Inflammation can be caused by infection, abnormalities in the immune system or a metabolic disorder. Thus, this disease often affects not only the joints, but also certain internal organs: the liver, kidneys, and heart.

The age group in which the diseases are most common is also different: Arthritis usually manifests itself before 40 years of age, while older people suffer from arthrosis.

Most Common Symptoms

Lower Back Pain - Arthritis Treatment
  • pain
  • cracking in your joints
  • decreased mobility and stiffness
  • deformation
  • inflammation of the joints, which can also be accompanied by:
  • increased temperature
  • psoriasis
  • eye inflammation (a feeling as if sand is in your eyes)
  • chills or excessive sweating
  • weakness

Problems That Can Benefit From Our Treatment Program

  • 1recurring joint pain
  • 2sports injuries
  • 3limited range of motion
  • 4inflamed cartilage

What Our Treatment Programs Include

We are 100% sure of our programs’ effectiveness, and we guarantee you will receive a real effect.

Three, six, nine and twelve months after your treatment we provide follow-up and consultations with your doctor whenever needed.

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What Results Can You Expect?

Effects are visible 2-3 months after the introduction of stem cells.

To maintain the results of therapy, we offer our patients individual lifestyle recommendations and diet plans.

Arthritis Stem Cell Treatment - Woman
  • reduction or elimination of pain
  • reduced stiffness and improved joint mobility
  • improved functioning of many organs and systems

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