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Stem Cell Treatment for Cirrhosis

Complete liver regeneration – start to restore your liver today.

Don’t give liver cancer a chance.

No matter what liver diagnosis you have now.

Cirrhosis is not a life sentence.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Cirrhosis

One in five urban dwellers in the developed world, regardless of gender, has liver problems. Statistics and evidence-based medicine tell us that cirrhosis can eventually lead to liver cancer.

ilaya’s treatment of cirrhosis can help overcome liver disease and start the process of regeneration. Patients experience steady improvement in their biochemical and clinical parameters, histological pattern and indicators of liver elastography.

Treatment in Ukraine

No surgery, rehabilitation, or side effects.

The Liver´s Deterioration Process

cirrhosis - Liver deterioration process

  • 1Hepatosis
  • 2Hepatitis
  • 3Fibrosis
  • 4Cirrhosis
  • 5Liver cancer

Symptoms of Bad Liver Functionality:

Cirrhosis Diagnosis and Treatment
  • weakness, fatigue (asthenic syndrome)
  • pain syndrome in the right hypochondrium
  • skin rash, spider veins
  • indigestion
  • impaired memory and attention
  • varicose veins in the oesophagus
  • frequent hematomas
  • jaundice
  • bitterness in the mouth
  • enlarged spleen and liver
  • impaired sexual function, decreased libido, reduced testicular size in men, menstrual disorders in women
  • increased portal vein pressure
  • weight loss
  • in the later stages of the disease, oedema and fluid retention in the abdominal cavity develop.

Patient Requirements

Our treatment program is appropriate for:

Results expectin Ilaya cell treatment
  • Patients with liver cirrhosis of degree A, B, C in the stage of subcompensation and compensation.
  • Patients with hepatitis, including steatohepatitis with the transition to cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Patients with viral cirrhosis (after undergoing antiviral therapy).
  • Contraindications are active phase of viral hepatitis.

Contraindications: Active Phase of Viral Hepatitis.

If you’re not sure of your status or your latest diagnosis, simply contact us. Our manager will help you determine whether stem cell therapy is right for you.

4 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

Our Cirrhosis Treatment Program uses adult stem cells.


First consultation

Contact one of our case managers in whatever way is most convenient for you. We check your medical documents and arrange a free Skype call with your doctor.


Personalized treatment plan

After your decision is made we create a personal treatment plan according to your medical history, and start planning your visit to our clinic.


Arrival to Kiev

Your treatment begins here. You will need to visit our clinic for 2-3 days, during which time you will receive therapeutic doses of stem cells and doctor´s recommendations.


After treatment follow-up

Your treatment is finished and you fly home with individual recommendations from your doctor. After three, six, nine and twelve months we will check your medical tests and make corrections to your recommendations.

Our Programs Include:

We are 100% sure of our programs’ effectiveness, and we guarantee you will see a real effect.

Three, six, nine and twelve months after your treatment we provide full follow-up, and consultations with your doctor whenever needed.

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Follow-up after treatment

What Results Can You Expect?

Effects are visible 2-3 months from the introduction of the stem cells.

To maintain the results of your therapy we offer our patients individual lifestyle recommendations and diet plans.

Stem Cell Treatment for Cirrhosis - Man
  • reduced or eliminated liver pain
  • improved metabolism
  • decrease of liver size
  • decrease or elimination of hepatosis of the liver
  • improved sleep
  • improved skin condition and colour
  • elimination of unpleasant body and mouth odour

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