Treatment type 2 diabetes

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Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

End your dependence on insulin and experience the full flavor of life again.

Easier management of type 2 diabetes is possible!

Doctors around the world are busy debating whether diabetes is curable. And while they debate, stem cells are already helping millions of patients to regain their health.

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Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

More than 20 million people worldwide have received stem cell therapy for diabetes, and this number continues to grow every year.

ilaya’s treatment for type 2 diabetes can significantly reduce the amount of insulin you need or – in some cases – completely eliminate your dependence on insulin.

Treatment type 2 diabetes

No surgery, rehabilitation, or side effects.

4 Simple Steps to a Healthier Life

We use adult stem cells (not from embryos) in our treatments. Treatment depends on medical tests/history and the individual case of each patient.


First consultation

Contact our manager in the way you feel most comfortable. We check your medical documents and arrange a free Skype call with the doctor.


Personalized treatment plan

After a decision is made on how to proceed, we create your personal treatment plan according to your medical history and start planning your visit to our clinic. We’ll also confirm your payment details at this stage. Your transfer is then scheduled.


Arrival in Kiev

Your treatment begins here. On day 1 you will have full medical check-up, followed by stem cell therapy according to your treatment plan. Our standard treatment program takes 7 days. Stem cells regenerate damaged tissue, normalize pancreatic function and the neuroendocrine system. Your whole body will feel rejuvenated. The last day you will receive a full treatment report, medical documentation if needed and final consultation with your doctor.


Fly home

Your treatment is finished and you fly home with individual recommendations from your doctor. After 3, 6 and 9 months we will check your test results and make corrections to your recommendations.

What Results Can You Expect with the Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes?

The full effect of treatment is noticeable within 2-3 months after the introduction of stem cells.

To maintain the results of therapy, we offer our patients individual lifestyle recommendations and diet plans.

Type 2 Diabetes treatment with Stem Cells
  • partial or complete elimination of the need for artificial insulin
  • normalization of blood sugar levels
  • increased insulin levels
  • improvement of general well-being
  • prevent complications caused by diabetes mellitus (damage to the retina, kidneys, heart and legs)
  • healing trophic ulcers and tissue defects of the foot improve the microcirculation processes
  • reduction of manifestations of diabetic angiopathy.
  • restoration of indicators of red blood, namely increase in the content of hemoglobin and number of red blood cells
  • improved appearance and body odour
  • this procedure can also reverse some of the more serious complications caused by diabetes, such as erectile disfunction and visual impairment

What Our Type 2 Diabetes Program Includes

We are 100% sure of our program´s effectiveness, and we guarantee you will see a real effect.

Three, six, nine and twelve months after your treatment we provide a full follow-up, and consultations with your doctor whenever needed.

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Complications of Untreated Type 2 Diabetes

Remember, having diabetes requires extremely careful attention to your health. Diabetes carries with it a real threat of disability.

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